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Headshots matter:

A confident and friendly headshot is more than just a portrait of you; it’s a marketing partner for your brand. In less than a second, someone visiting your company website or LinkedIn page forms an opinion about you.

You can influence their opinion; what do you want to suggest? How about confidence and approach-ability? 

If you are in Seattle or Bellevue, schedule a studio headshot session or for companies, an onsite session for your team. 

For companies and corporate teams, especially those dispersed around the country or world, having headshots improves team awareness and makes face to face conferences easier. Plus, your org charts will take on a more personal and team building look. 

What is a headshot specialist and why should you care? A specialist has both technical and people expertise. You want to look confident but what exactly is a confident look? Of course, you do not want the dreaded double chin. I have several techniques to alleviate it and create a strong jawline. Studying the overall face, mouth, and eyes, as we shoot and review, we discover when you look your best. 

For Bellevue or Seattle and want to up your headshot game, call me at 425.260.4033 to talk about your headshot. 


Inquire about one of my group or company-wide programs. "Super-Nano" sessions may be fit for a large team or perhaps your executive group wants a day of headshots at the office including a makeup artist and advance style consultation. My studio travels to any location. 


I suggest coming to my Bellevue to eliminate studio travel fees. Depending on the session you select, multiple clothing and hair variations are available. I work with several makeup artists, so your session is covered. I recommend makeup for women. 

A few of my pet peeves: 

Don't look down on me. I want you to be on equal footing to the viewer so do not look down on you when I capture your headshot. 

Business or glamour? For a business portrait, let's keep it natural and avoid distractions like lots of makeup, jewelry, and fancy clothing. 

School yearbook backgrounds. Leave the 80's and 90's behind for your professional headshot. I generally suggest plain backgrounds to make it easier for the viewer to see you.

Hair and side (kicker) lights way too bright. Okay, this one is more technical; however, if the hair light is too bright it takes your eye away from you. Heaven forbid a "hair" light on a bald person! 

Looking for the full package?

Give me a call and I'll connect you with styling expert Bruce for everything from closet review to the ultimate shopping experience. I'll book the makeup artist and the session will ROCK! 

View more headshot examples in this gallery.

Seattle headshot_Bellevue headshot_ Seattle-Bellevue-headshots. Corporate-headshots-LinkedIn-headshot-Mike-Nakamura-Photography-LLCSeattle-headshot-Bellevue-headshot-Headshot-photographer-LinkedInSeattle-Bellevue-headshots. Corporate-headshots-LinkedIn-headshot-Mike-Nakamura-Photography-LLC. Headshot by Mike Nakamura Photography LLC